THe ‘Cardinal Fans are Restless’ saga gains steam

Well now Jerry Crasnick is reporting we Cardinals fans are upset with the moves the team has made this off-season.

I’m not the wanderer of sports pages and Cardinal Blogs I was even 12 months ago, but I haven’t been able to find any real, tangible evidence fans are angry with the tact Mozeliak has taken to improving the roster. Other than me with the Lohse and Greene deals, which are easily attributable to my ‘grumpy old man’ persona (and fiscal conservatism, and mistrust of players who are always injured), that is.

I can only imagine the bile spilling out of KMOX and other sports talkradio stations around the greater St Louis area. If its anything like what was said in San Diego during the Padre and Charger seasons on the radio, it must be long on emotion and short on rational thought.

So I wanted to share my opinion with Mr. Crasnick. There’s a link at the bottom of his post, saying he can be reached via email. I even composed the email in my head as I was waiting for the page to load:

Mr. Crasnick,

Not all Cardinals fans are angry or impatient at the way Mozeliak has
handled this off-season. Those of us capable of rational thought support
the moves he’s made, and the restraint he’s shown. Put me squarely in the
camp support Mr. Mozeliak and his efforts to improve the team.

As an aside, I can’t believe some would support the acquisition of Ben
Sheets. Haven’t they had enough of oft-injured elite pitchers (Carpenter,
Mulder, Stottlemyre, Andy Benes, Danny Cox)?
(I hate to include Carpenter here, but facts are facts).

Cheers, Mike
Stan Musial’s Stance (

The World Wide Leader is a devious organization, however; when you click on the email Crasnick link, you get sent to the Insider page, and are asked to sign up for an account/membership.


So I’m left to my humble little forum here. Enjoy.



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2 responses to “THe ‘Cardinal Fans are Restless’ saga gains steam

  1. Cardinal70

    I agree with you, save for Sheets. With his price dropping, I think even if he gets hurt, he’s worth it. And I think it’s possible he won’t get hurt–he did put up 30 starts last year.

  2. Mike

    Dan,If I have time this weekend, I’m hoping to look a little deeper into Sheets numbers. He’s definitely good – he wouldn’t have started the All-Star Game last year if he wasn’t – but his consistent injury problems bug me.We’ve had too many pitchers miss too many starts recently. I really think a cost benefit analysis is merited here; how much is Sheets’ performance worth, knowihg he’s going to miss at least 3 starts (1 15-day DL stint)?

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