Just a short note from the wilderness…

Actually Manassas, or Bull Run. The Wilderness is closer to Charlottesville. What you call this area used to be based on where you were from in relation to the Mason-Dixon line; now there’s a town called Manassas VA, and a road called Bull Run Post Office Rd.

The 2009 season officially started today. I know, it’s only spring training, but the boys in Red played their first game since slapping Pittsburgh 11-4 to closeout the season last September. Periodically throughout the season I hear a certain baseball song in my head, but no more so than the first game of the year, be it spring training or Opening Day:

“Let’s GO! Batter Up! We’re taking the afternoon off!

It’s a beautiful day for a ballgame
For a ballgame, today.

The fans are out to get a ticket or two;
From Walla Walla Washington to Kalamazoo-

It’s a beautiful day for a Home Run,
Or even a triple’s OK.

We’re going to cheer –
And boo-
And raise a hullabaloo-
At the ball game, TODAY. (lyrics by Jon Wiesman)

Of course, it wasn’t a real game – and the Cardinals had lots of trouble driving in runners, ending the affair against Florida tied 5-5. 3 for 17 with RISP. Ugh. Good thing this is spring training.



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2 responses to “Just a short note from the wilderness…

  1. Stephen

    Dodger baseball is on the air.

  2. Mike

    “For your enjoyment…and don’t forget,”Hi everybody, and a verrrrry pleasant good evening, wherever you may be. Welcome to tonight’s game between the Dodgers, and the …”

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