Quick Programming Note Regarding Inteviews

The United Cardinal Bloggers have been offered a unique opportunity, and that is to interview a couple of Cardinal Hall of Famers. These opportunities have been made possible by Bank of America, who is promoting their MLB Checking program.

I had not heard of this program before getting the emails on the subject. So BofA’s ‘get the word out’ campaign is already successful.

Anywho, Dan from Cardinal70 will be interviewing Ozzie Smith tomorrow at 1130 PDT. He’ll be using the blogtalkradio (hereafter abbreviated as BTR) vehicle for the interview, which means if you can’t listen live, you can download it and listen at your leisure.

Some pertinent links:

Dan’s understandably giddy post announcing the interview
Bank of America explains the MLB banking program
BTR link for the interview and downloading instructions (files are typically available for download about an hour after the show concludes).

(I thought this was more exciting than discussing getting no-hit for 7 innings by Cliff Lee)


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One response to “Quick Programming Note Regarding Inteviews

  1. Cardinal70

    And, of course, the two of us are teaming up for this week's UCB Radio Hour, where we might rehash a little of this. Might. 😉

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