Bloody Brilliant

If Tim McClelland’s blown double play call during ALCS Game 4 was the worst call in the history of umpiring, Jimmy Rollins’ deke around second base in the bottom of the fifth ining, World Series Game 1, is the greatest piece of baseball deception in the history of the universe.

It was so good Robinson Cano ran hard to first even though he was already out.

It was soo good Hideki Matsui made no attempt to get back to first to avoid being doubled off.

It was sooo good the umpires had to confer for 5 minutes to make sure they understood what they saw.

It was soooo good 55K+ Yankee fans were completely fooled.

It was sooooo good Fox had to run through the replay 3x before they accurately reported what happened.

Yeah, that was awesome.



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2 responses to “Bloody Brilliant

  1. Cardinal John

    Actually…Rollins:"I was trying to let the ball bounce, but I wasn't going to let it bounce away," Rollins said. "When [umpire Brian Gorman] said it was a catch, I was disappointed."

  2. Mike

    Which only supports my point.Live,yeah, it looked like he was trying to let the ball drop. When he caught it instead, it fooled everybody.

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