Numbers and Comments

– Matt Holliday is formally introduced with his new contract.  Matt is switching his number from 15 to 7.  He wore 5 as a Rockie, but he’s not getting 5 on the Cardinals.  I wonder why he chose 7 – could it be to match the number of years on the contract he just signed?  Hmmm.  Clearly he isn’t superstitious, because he tore the cover off the ball while wearing 15.  A superstitious player would keep that number.

Now, the recent wearers of 7 haven’t fared so well:

  • Mark DeRosa – hurt his wrist after 3 games.
  • Adam Kennedy – spent most of 2008 in LaRussa’s doghouse.
  • Hector Luna – traded to Cleveland in 2006.  Career OBP?  .324.
  • J. D. Drew – hurt a LOT during his time in St Louis.

Ronnie Belliard made a huge play in the 2006 LDS against San Diego, so that makes him the last player with some good luck wearing 7.  Since Holliday is due to pull down $120 million, let’s hope he has more of that luck and doesn’t inherit Drew’s and DeRosa’s.

– LaRussa is quoted in the Contra Costa Times saying he’d like to use Mark McGwire as a pinch hitter next year.  Leave it to LaRussa to stir the pot.  McGwire hasn’t swung the bat in an actual major league game since 2001.  I don’t think anyone has ever gone 9 years between at bats before.  No coach has appeared in a major league game since the last player-manager, Don Kissinger, over 30 years ago (with the White Sox).

The media circus that would encircle the Cardinals should McGwire be activated would completely derail the club, especially if they were in the midst of a pennant race.  Can you imagine the distraction?  Can you imagine if he got a hit, or hit one out?  OK that would be fun, but the rest would be just ridiculous.



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3 responses to “Numbers and Comments

  1. Mozeliak said today on McKernan’s show that there is as close to a zero chance as you can get that McGwire will get any at-bats.

    Tony being Tony. Probably still an act of regret over pinch-hitting Robinson for Mac in what would’ve been his last at-bat.

    FWIW, Minnie Minoso went 12 years between at-bats. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the info on Minoso!

  3. Josh

    Different opinions on why he went with No.7 but my favorite is a local reference to his home state’s greatest player, one Mickey Charles Mantle.

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