A Little Football for a Change

UPDATE: the Padres signed Matt Stairs to a minor-league contract. Based on our look at the merit of signing Edmonds yesterday, perhaps Stairs is someone the Cardinals should have targeted as that left-handed bat off the bench.

I sat through most of the NFC/AFC Championship Games today. Some random thoughts on those games.

  1. The Rams needed a new coach following the 2005 season.  They could have hired Sean Payton, however, Payton was hired by New Orleans.  Two days after the Saints signed Payton, the Rams hired Scott Linehan.  New Orleans is in the Super Bowl, the Rams are in the toilet (and Linehan is no longer the coach).  Just Sayin’.
  2. Indianapolis ran 65 plays, 41 of which were passes.  Last week the Chargers ran 60 plays, 42 of which were passes.  The Colts scored 30 points, the Chargers 14.  Since Manning and Rivers are both Pro Bowl quarterbacks, and they both have an arsenal of receivers (Wayne/Collier/Garcon/Clark; Jackson/Floyd/Sproles/Gates), why the disparity?  Couldn’t be the COACHING, could it?
  3. Chargers gave up 17 points to the Jets, and the Colts gave up 17 points to the Jets.  I continue to think the Charger defense wasn’t the problem last week.
  4. Oh, those slippery Vikings.  I haven’t seen that much dribbling since my kids stopped teething.
  5. You just knew Brett Favre would do something stupid in a critical situation, didn’t you?
  6. What are the odds any Saints/Colts play in the Pro Bowl next week?  1%?  1 to Something asyompotically approaching infinity?   1 to Avogadro’s number?

Well if nothing else, the Super Bowl should be entertaining given the points these two offensives can score.  I would think Indy has the edge, because their defense (evaluated over the entire season) has been the better unit.


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