Opening Day 2010

In case you missed it, here’s the 2010 Opening Day Roster for the Cardinals:

STARTERS: 1B – Pujols, 2B – Schumaker, 3B – Freese, SS – B. Ryan, C – Molina, LF – Holliday, CF – Rasmus, RF – Ludwick.

BENCH: LaRue (C), Lopez (IF), Craig (OF), Mather (OF), Stavinoha (OF).

ROTATION: Carpenter (RH), Wainwright (RH), Lohse (RH), Penny (RH), Garcia (LH)

BULLPEN: Franklin (RH), McClellan (RH), Motte (RH), Miller (LH), Reyes (LH), Hawksworth (RH), Boggs (RH).

The UCB did a NL Central round table Saturday night, including a blogger representative from each of the 6 NL Central teams.  Great discussion; you can listen to it here.  During the show I got into a discussion with another blogger in the chatroom (Andreasoxfan) about which team was the best in the NL Central.  She maintained the Brewers are the best team in the division, which I met with a lot of skepticism.  I think the Cardinals will carry the day because on paper their rotation is better.  However, she did point out the Cardinals have little margin for error, which is very true.  Should any one of their five studs get hurt (and I’m talking Pujols, Holliday, Carp, Wainwright, and Molina) and miss any significant time, this team is in trouble.  The amount by which they are a better team than Milwaukee (or Chicago or the Reds, for that matter) is razor-thin.

On a separate subject, I was at my in-laws for dinner Easter Sunday.  We were leaving while the Red Sox/Yankee game was still in progress, but the game was not on either of the local sports talkradio channels, nor on ESPN 800 (which had Spanish language programming in progress).

How far has baseball fallen as the national pastime?  Here is a holiday weekend, Easter Sunday, with the two highest hyped (and probably largest fanbases) teams in the league, playing their first game of the 2010 season, and the only game of the day.  They were bumped to ESPN 2 by the Women’s NCAA Basketball Final Four, and local San Diego radio won’t even carry the game.  Wow.

No wonder MLB can charge for the privilege of listening to out of town games.  It’s the only way some of us will be able to hear them.



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