Saturday Baseball on Fox: Games Chosen By a Sith Lord

Here we are, the first Saturday of the 2010 season.   That means it’s time for the Fox Saturday Game of the Week to start again.

Today, we have three games starting at 3:10 Eastern Daylight Time:  St Louis v Milwaukee, Seattle v Texas, and New York (A) v Tampa Bay.  Which game will Fox show to out-of-market viewers, specifically here in “America’s Finest City”?

  • San Diego is a National League city, so they could show the only NL game (Cardinals/Brewers).
  • San Diego is a NL West city, and 150 miles south of the closest AL West city.  So you could stretch out and say “well, it’s a West division city, and Anaheim is in the AL West, and Anaheim is pretty close to San Diego, and Mariners/Rangers is an AL West game, so let’s show that.”
  • Or they could say, “It’s San Diego.  No one watches afternoon baseball anyway.  Let’s stick them with Yankees/Rays, you know, in case some Noo Yawk transplant wants to watch baseball”.

Care to guess which game is currently on?  Yep.  Yankees/Rays.  I am fully aware of the national fan base the Yankees have, and that the Rays are a very good team, but come on.  We get enough Yankee coverage from ESPN, who I believe have a lifetime commitment to show 75% of the Yankees/Red Sox clashes.  Besides, this is a NATIONAL LEAGUE CITY, and there’s a NATIONAL LEAGUE GAME among the choices.

There’s only one reasonable explanation why we are continuously subjected to these kinds of viewing choices.  The head of Fox Sports is a Sith Lord.  Why else would the Evil Empire always be on TV?

(This wouldn’t be so bad if one could watch any other mid-afternoon Saturday contest during the Fox Broadcast, perhaps via MLB Extra Innings and digital cable but all those games are blacked out.  Again, Sith Lord.)

Update:  WebSoulSurfer has a similar post up this afternoon, with a concise breakdown of the 2010 national broadcast schedule and some interesting statistics on the Yankees/Red Sox.  Worth perusing.



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4 responses to “Saturday Baseball on Fox: Games Chosen By a Sith Lord

  1. Nothing will ever stop Fox from showing the game that THEY think will get them the biggest ratings. My problem with the Evil TV Empire is that they black out everything else, so if you have the satellite baseball package, you are forced to watch whatever garbage they send you until 4 p.m. rolls around and you suddenly realize you’re an adult and are actually free to make your own choices again. Needless to say, I hate them as much as you.

  2. Mike

    Amen, brother. Amen.

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  4. Susan

    so sick of the yankees

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