Bourn to be wild (and suspended)

ESPN and the Post Dispatch website are reporting Michael Bourn, the Astros leading hitter, has been suspended for 2 games.  He bumped umpire Alfonso Marquez during an argument in Saturday’s game against San Diego.  Bourn grounded out to shortstop to start the ninth inning, but believed he had beaten the throw to first.

Given they were playing my local nine, I watched most of Saturday’s game.  I don’t remember that call being egregious.  Obviously Bourn saw it differently.  If he doesn’t appeal (and he’d be an idiot not to), he’d miss tonight’s and tomorrow’s game against the Cardinals.

Bourn is the Astros’ leading hitter.  A team currently the worst in baseball based on OPS can’t afford to have their leading hitter miss any time at all, which is another reason why I think he’ll appeal.

Marquez had a tough time with the Astros.  He worked behind the plate Sunday, and absorbed several glares from Roy Oswalt due to the strike zone he was calling.  At one point, in the fifth inning, Oswalt and Astro catcher Humberto Quintero were visibly upset at a call, which led to Quintero shaking his head – and Marquez getting into his face, wagging a finger. Eventually Astro manager Brad Mills was ejected, after he came out to defend his catcher.

Quintero put his hand on Marquez’s shoulder in an attempt to assuage the angry umpire during that argument.  I wonder if he’ll get fined or suspended too…


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