Escape from LA

I made a short-notice appearance on the United Cardinal Blogger Radio hour last night.  It’s been a long time and was fun to talk a little Cardinal baseball with Bill Ivie.  We were monitoring the Cardinal/Dodger game during the broadcast.

Needless to say there was consternation as St Louis fell behind 4-0 and Kershaw was no-hitting the Cardinals, then much hope after Ludwick’s 3-run HR made it a game again.

The Cardinals didn’t threaten again until the ninth.  What a frustrating inning to watch on-line.  Pujols singled to center after a six pitch at-bat.  The next four hitters saw a total of six pitches. Ball, fly out, fly out, called strike, double, ground out.  Holliday’s scuffling.  Ludwick is locked in right now (3 HR in the series), so I’ll excuse that.  Molina got a double, nice. hits a run scoring double only to see the ball hop over the fence for the ground-rule variety, stopping AP at third.  Very frustrating. Winn with the winning runs on swings at the first pitch?  I hope it was a meatball and he missed it.  Wouldn’t one want to be selective in that situation?  Of course Winn saw nine pitches total in his 4 at bats, swinging at the first pitch of two of those at bats.

Cardinals have today off, then head to Arizona to beat up on the Diamondbacks.  I hope.

Update:  Clearly I didn’t see the game.  I didn’t find out until this morning that Yadi’s ball hopped over the wall for a ground-rule double, and if it hadn’t the Cardinals would have tied the game.  At least he picked out a good pitch and hammered it, even if it was early in the count.


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