A Little Woozy

That’s me after reading Albert Pujols was hit in the head with a throw last night.  I was at this game, where the building literally swayed; the 5.7 earthquake would have paled in comparison to the seismic shock through Cardinal Nation had Pujols been seriously hurt.

Bernie Mikasz mentioned Pujols is having a good year, just not an Albert Pujols year.  A below-average Pujols year is an above-average year for anyone else on this Cardinals team (to wit:  Colby Rasmus OPS .966, Pujols .957, headed into Monday’s action).  The one man the Cardinals absolutely can’t afford to lose for a long period of time is Albert Pujols.  You could make a case another starter going down would be worse at this moment in the season, however.

After a disastrous 1-5 road trip (losing 3 to LA in LA isn’t the end of the world, but losing 2 0f 3 to a bad Arizona team really hurt), it was nice to see the bats come alive last night.  Granted, the Cardinals won’t have to face the two good Seattle starters, since both Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez worked this weekend in San Diego.  Only Pittsburgh and Baltimore have a worse road record than Seattle.  After playing the last 38 games at a 17-21 clip, the Cardinals are quite lucky to only be a game behind Cincinnati.  They need to take advantage of these next 2 games and sweep this series.


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