Reds acquire Jim Edmonds

Rumors that Walt Jocketty offered Joey Votto and Johnny Cueto for Albert Pujols and Adam Wainwright remain unsubstantiated.

Edmonds will be in Cincinnati tonight and hit fifth in the order.  It is kind of funny how many ex-Cardinals now ply their trade in the Queen City (Springer, Cairo, Rolen, Edmonds now, Isringhausen possibly later), but not that funny since Jocketty’s model has the Reds two up on St Louis.

I think it goes without saying this is a huge series for both teams.  With only 6 regular season contests remaining between the two it takes on added significance.  Cincinnati hasn’t been this far over .500 since 1999, and it has been almost that long since they sniffed a pennant race.  Good for the Reds.  Now win the Wild Card.

Tony LaRussa clearly believes this series is key, and has adjusted his rotation to get his best 3 starters to the mound this week.  Objectively (OK, perhaps a bit subjectively) the Cardinals appear to have the upper hand in two of the three matchups:

  • Carpenter over rookie Mike Leake
  • Wainwright over guitarist Bronson Arroyo
  • Reds get the edge with Cueto over Garcia

Of course there are caveats here; Leake has pitched exceptionally well this season, as has Garcia.  Wainwright has struggled on the road, and for whatever reason the Cardinals struggle against Arroyo.  So although prognosticators would give the Cardinals the edge starting-pitching wise in this series, it really could go in a  multitude of directions.  I’ll simply say tonight’s outcome will set the tone for the rest of the week.

Today marks the start of the first truly playoff-level series of 2010 for St Louis.  If they are really capable of a deep October run, like we all thought they were back in April, now is the time to find that gear.


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