Your Move, Reds

Because they strung all their hitting together in the same inning, and thanks to an unlikely Grand Slam from Skip Schumaker, St Louis jumped all over Cincinnati last night, winning the opener of this series 7-3.

The St Louis Post-Dispatch reported the carnage took place in a span of 12 fourth-inning pitches.  As often is my luck, I did not hear or see the decisive inning.  There is something inherently right about listening to the Cardinals/Reds game while cruising down Highway CA-75 (thank you, XM Satellite Radio), but the problem with driving is eventually one arrives at one’s destination.  I got to mine as the third inning ended.  The next time I checked the score (on ESPN this time), it was the top of the sixth and St Louis led by a touchdown.

So the Cardinals held serve.  Tonight Cincinnati gets their favorable matchup, Cueto vs Garcia.  This one is not as favorable as Carpenter vs struggling Leake was, but still Cueto is the better hurler.  He will attempt to put St Louis in its place a little more conventionally than Brandon Phillips did yesterday.  Let me say I have absolutely no problem with what Phillips said.  Let the man run his mouth.  What has Phillips done in his career?  Nothing.  He’s played for one team that finished over .500 (the 2005 Indians), and that year he had 9 total at bats.  He’s won one Gold Glove (2008).  He was an All-Star for the first time this season.  Phillips has little to no credibility.  If Scott Rolen, Aaron Harang, or someone who has done something with their career had called the Cardinals out, that would be different.  So let Phillips keep talking. 

The Cardinals will keep winning.


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