Social Media Night

The Cardinals lost tonight 7-2.  Adam Wainwright’s promise not to lose again lasted exactly one start.  It seemed a bit of bravado at the time he said it, given how poorly this team has played since August 11.

Frankly I’m out of comments on the Cardinals.  They sit 7 back with 19 to play in the Central.  Cincinnati’s magic number is 11.  St Louis also sits 7.5 back of Atlanta (6 on the loss side).  At least in that race the magic number to eliminate them is still 14.  Of course they have to jump over 3 teams to win the Wild Card, and we all know how difficult it is to catch one team in mid-September, much less three.

I’m on travel the rest of this week, so there probably won’t be another post here until Monday the 20th.  My travels take me to the Midwest, and I will be in St Louis for Social Media Night at Busch on 16 Sept.

If you don’t know about this event, here’s a primer for the evening.  There have been pieces written on it over at Cardinal 70, and of a little different stripe at Joe Sports Fan (of course I can’t find an appropriate link.  Of course).  In any event, there will be several members of the United Cardinal Bloggers on site for this event – including Cardinal 70, Pitchers Hit Eighth, Bill from I-70 Baseball, Matt of JoeSportFan, among others.  It should at least be an interesting night of discussion on the Cardinals amongst us bloggers, many of whom have never met each other in person.

Oh, there will be pictures and notes taken.  I hope to have a ridiculously long post about all of it once I return to the placid shores of the Pacific.  Until then, then…


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  1. See you tomorrow! It’ll be a blast!

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