Still Kicking, Barely

I sheepishly admit, my motivation to keep posting has waned as the Cardinals’ playoff chances faded.  Even with the Padres playing St Louis two weekends ago.  I have an excuse for that – I was out of town attending a family gathering and oh yes, the Social Media night, for which I still owe a post. It’s coming, thanks for being patient.

In the meantime, the Cardinals, by some miracle, remain in the playoff picture, although one needs an electron microscope to properly catalog their chances of making it into the second week of October playing baseball.  They beat Pittsburgh tonight 6-4.  So, if they win the rest of this series, sweep Colorado, and Cincinnati loses six straight at home to Houston and Milwaukee, we win the division on the tiebreaker.  I think.  Or there’s a one game playoff to settle things.

Don’t hold your breath.

We’ve had some good news over the past two weeks.  Adam Wainwright won his 20th, becoming the first Cardinal in 5 seasons to do so (last – Chris Carpenter).  Albert cleared 40 HR for the 6th time in his career.  Matt Holliday drove in his 100th run.

On the downside, Jason LaRue retired following his concussion sustained in the ‘melee’ at Cincinnati in early August, the team shut down Jamie Garcia (prudently, I might add; not much downside there), and Yadier Molina is done for the season with knee trouble.

With the season winding down, we’ll take a look at the roster with an eye to 2011, await the annual LaRussa decision, and ponder what might have been.  And finish the Social Media night posts.


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