It didn’t matter. Cincinnati won with a walk-off HR before the Cardinal/Pirate game ended. It didn’t matter. The Cardinals lost again anyway, 7-2 the Pirates.

Mercifully, any hope of making the playoffs in 2010 finally evaporated as soon as Jay Bruce’s HR cleared the wall.  St Louis lingered for far too long.  If the Cardinals were a patient on life support, some would have pulled the plug long ago.  With the season effectively over on 1 Sept, they still hung around the periphery for 3 more weeks – albeit helped by Cincinnati scuffling to the finish line.

So we turn the page.  Thank God.  At I-70 Baseball I’ll have a series preview up tomorrow for the Rockie series where I discuss some of the changes we’ll see this weekend.  It definitely will have a spring training feel to it, since Colorado was officially knocked out of the hunt last night as well.

Other news over the past 2 weeks:

– Felipe Lopez was released.  Derrick Goold mentioned Lopez’s frustration at playing third during an article today.  Lopez is not a third baseman, and hadn’t played the position since 2008.  Everyone knew this going into the season.  Even with that, he played the position well enough, only costing the Cardinals a run according to Dewan Plus/Minus.  I can understand how he felt playing out of position.  I won’t excuse the late – you’re a professional, it’s your job, show up on time – but Ican understand the frustration.

– Jamie Garcia shut down for 2010.  This was a no-brainer.  He’s coming off Tommy John surgery, has exceeded all expectations on the mound, and the Cardinals were out of it. Definitely the right choice.

– Yadier Molina shut down for 2010.  Knee soreness.  Again, no brainer.  Derrick Goold has another great post on Molina, and the Cardinals’ need to find a back-up catcher that can spell him for more than 25 games a season.

– Adam Wainwright shut down for 2010.  Right forearm strain.  Yet another no-brainer. I doubt he’ll win the Cy Young – Roy Halladay has probably sewn that up, and there will be the usual competition from Tim Lincecum.  Adam has nothing left to prove or do in 2010.

LaRussa plugged the kids into the lineup last night.  Let’s hope he continues to do so this weekend.


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