This Is Why…

… I write about baseball, and not NCAA Men’s Basketball.

Villanova sneaked into the field of 68, along with 10 other Big East teams.  They are a #9 seed.  At least the Committee recognized Villanova’s slide.  Apparently those folks decided that Nova deserved to be in the tournament, but expects them to get knocked out in the first round.

I don’t know anything about George Mason at this point, perhaps some feverish research is in order.  However, should the Cats beat Mason, they get to contend with Ohio State.  Yeah, not seeing Villanova get to the Sweet 16 this year.

Other teams of interest for this blogger:

  • Xavier – A-10 regular season Champs got knocked out by Dayton in their conference tournament.  They also get into the East Region (which is easily the hardest of the 4 in my opinion) as the #6 seed.  Check out who they project to play:  Marquette, then Syracuse, then if they win that game North Carolina.  In the words of my brothers ‘They got hosed!’
  • USC – They get VCU for the right to be clobbered by Georgetown.  See ya, Trojans.
  • UCLA – The Westwood Five get a #7 and Michigan St in the first round.  A winnable game.  Not sure if they can match up with Florida, their projected next opponent.
  • San Diego State – I’m more of a USD fan.  Actually I am a USD fan.  However, I am rooting for the Aztecs to get DEEEP in this tournament.  This basketball program has never had success like this season, and it is always fun to see a fan base (and a city) react to an unexpectedly good team.  I lived in Seattle in 1995, and whooo boy it was fun to watch the city go nuts for the Mariners.  Also the committee stuck Duke out west as the #1.  I don’t hate Duke with the power of 1000 suns, but I do like seeing them lose.  You could say my anti-Duke stance goes back to a 2004 Regional Final between Duke and Xavier.  Mid second-half, the referees stepped in and called 2 fouls on X’s big man (who was manhandling Sheldon Williams, BTW) in a 10 second span, fouling him out of the game.  Crippled the Musketeers.  Should State survive to play the Blue Demons I hope they blow them off the court.


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