Game Reflections – #50 at San Diego

First, in case you did not get the word, how the Cardinals scored their first run last night changed about at about 2300 Tuesday.  Lance Berkman still gets credit for the single, but he lost his RBI as the scoring changed to a throwing error on Brad Hawpe, which allowed John Jay to score from second.  Those fantasy owners who have Harang lose an earned run (yay); those with Berkman lose an RBI (grr).

This game was like Monday’s game – tense.  I was at Petco for two of the Padres/Mariners games and thought San Diego rolled over once they got down.  That has not been true in this series.  In my opinion San Diego has not played these games like the second-worst team in the NL.

– Congratulations to Tony Cruz on his first major league hit.  Not being satisfied, he followed that with 2 more.  Well done.

– John Jay is going to be a great hitter, if the past 2 games are any indication.  That said his bunt to end the fifth was gawd-awful as a bunt, but almost genius as a soft line drive.  It handcuffed Brad Hawpe, who had to make a pretty athletic play to snare it.

– Love the aggressiveness by Pujols when he tried to advance on the ball in the dirt, but he was out by a  mile as Rob Johnson made the throw to nail him.

– Still not a fan of the contact play.  More Kudos to Cruz for staying in the run down long enough to move Descalso to third, and Rasmus to second.

– The Padres are struggling and scrapping for runs.  With a 2-1 lead in the seventh, mired in a 4 game losing streak, why play the infield back on Theriot?  Why not try to prevent the run?  If it backfires, you probably lose, but so what – you’ve BEEN LOSING.  I did not understand why they allowed the tying run to score there and still don’t.  Hawpe then made a great catch to rob Jay and keep the score tied.

– Descalso has both game winning RBI in this series so far.  Some smart guy on Twitter came up with the hashtag #Descalshow, which is pretty cool (a la #pumania)

– The Padres had only 2 hits, both for extra bases.  They’ve done that eight other times in their history, the most recent in 2009.  They lost all 8 of those games too.  Last night was also the fourth time they’ve put up only two hits, both for extra bases, with the two hits being a double and a HR.  Last time they did that was 2005.  Yeah I was poking around Baseball Reference last night.

– San Diego’s troubles are not due to Aaron Harang.  He is experiencing a career revival there.  He has the best won/loss record on the staff, and may currently be the best pitcher San Diego has.

– The Padres played pretty good defense last night, but it epitomized their season that Descalso’s single to score Allen Craig in the eleventh glanced off Orlando Hudson’s glove.  Just out of reach.

St Louis goes for the sweep this afternoon.  Sadly I will not be at this game, for I have to work.


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