Walkoff Wonderland

I personally love it when St Louis plays the Cubs, but not for only the normal  reasons (heated rivalry, competitive games).  WGN shows the games locally here.  Granted, the Fox “Which Will Bring The Highest Ratings” Game of the Week sometimes trumps the Saturday showing, but otherwise there’s a Friday night and Sunday afternoon contest to enjoy.

This week, having finally gotten my XM radio to work in the car again, St Louis was with me wherever I went.  Bonus.

We’ve been waiting all season for Albert Pujols to break out of his season long funk.  Well, he did this weekend.  And none too soon – coming off a disappointing series with the Giants where they lost 3 of 4 (and Franklin kind of blew up again; I guess I jinxed him with the last post), Pujols’ reemergence could not have been more timely. Happily I got to “see” all 3 bombs he hit:  the 3-run shot on Friday courtesy of the aforementioned WGN, and the other 2 via the radio.

Chicago is down this year, but the Cardinals really needed those 3 wins.  Don’t look now (OK, you should probably look) but the Brewers have started playing real well.  As Cincinnati fades amidst their rotation struggles and the stubborn insistence in playing Johnny Gomes as the everyday LF, Milwaukee becomes the main challenge to St Louis.  We’ve got 15 games left with those guys, starting with 3 this weekend at their place.

It’s going to be a fun summer.

Just one more note, on yesterday’s game:  I’ve listened to Mike Shannon sporadically over the years, including his call of McGwire’s 61st.  I can’t remember the last time I heard him project joy as well as he did when Ryan Theriot lined that ball into the left-field corner to tie the game.  He sounded just like I felt:  First ‘holy crap that’s extra bases,’ then ‘SEND CRUZ FOR CRYING OUT LOUD’, then ‘holy crap we tied it with 2 out in the ninth!’  I’m sure the drivers around me thought I was an idiot and couldn’t figure out what they’d done to piss me off as I did repeated fist-pumps after Cruz scored.  It was beautiful.

Saturday was Garden Gnome night at Petco, so in honor of that here’s a picture of a Cardinal Gnome.  Don’t ask why.

Cardinal Gnome: Helping cucumbers grow since 2010

Also it appears I’ve figured out my schedule to at least post here weekly.  Thanks for your patience and continued patronage; I hope you find this site worth the weekly read.


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