Why Jake Westbrook?

@BJRains is reporting Jake Westbrook says he’s on the roster.  After the success the 12 men selected for the NLCS had, why would Westbrook be activated?

Let’s look at two areas:

Success against the Rangers roster

Michael Young has fantastic numbers against him.  Everyone else is hitting under .300.  That’s interesting.  Maybe that’s why.

Success in Arlington

Don’t forget, Westbrook spent most of his career in the American League.  Here’s how he fared at The Ballpark in Arlington.

That’s pretty good success, but he hasn’t pitched in that ballpark in over 5 years.  Activating him now, after a 3 week layoff, to start a game down there makes no sense.

The lone remaining elephant in the room is injury.  We’ve heard and held our breaths about Chris Carpenter’s elbow soreness, but I don’t think wild horses could keep Carp away from his date with destiny in Game 1.

I have not heard about any of the bullpen arms suddenly coming up lame, although there is also a report Kyle McClellan is off the roster.  Maybe that’s why.  McClellan only appeared in one game during the NLCS.


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