Game 2 to Texas

If you like your baseball with a healthy side order of tension, this World Series is for you.

Today’s main stream media storyline is how well Colby Lewis pitched – ‘dominated’ is the word being thrown about.  And yes, he did pitch well – one run allowed in 6+ innings is a great performance.  Let us not forget that Jamie Garcia pitched just a little better.  Texas had 3 hits going into the ninth inning.  Garcia threw 7 shutout frames against the best offense in the American League.

I’ll have a post up today at I-70 Baseball discussing the top half of the ninth inning, so I won’t go into details here.  Several factors combined adding up to the 2-run inning.  The bottom of the ninth was tough to watch, for Neftali Feliz was his typically wild self and the Cardinals failed to take advantage of his generosity (at least, after the Molina walk).

I should also mention I found it amusing Gerald Laird came in to pinch-run for Molina.  You could probably time a 40-yard sprint between those two with a sun-dial.

Now the series shifts to Texas.  The Cardinals are certainly not out of it, but the road is a lot tougher now.  It is possible St Louis can win 3 straight in Texas and not return to Busch, but frankly not likely.  It is possible Texas will close out the series in the Dallas suburbs, but I don’t think that’s likely either.  Game Three sizes up to be an interesting contrast in styles, between the hard-throwing Matt Harrison and the change-up artist Kyle Lohse. 

I will admit some trepidation at Lohse’s prospects in Arlington.  He has made 5 career starts in The Ballpark, but none there since 2006.  Minnesota was 3-2 in his starts; twice he gave up 1 run; the other 3 times he gave up at least 5.  On the other side, Harrison has been wild this post-season (6 walks and a wild pitch in his two starts).  He has struck out 12 as well, a testament, I think, to how good his stuff is.

Game 4 is advertised to be Derek Holland vs Edwin Jackson, but I have a sneaking suspicion Jake Westbrook will get the start, especially after LaRussa stated Jackson was available in relief during Game 2. 

No one said it would be easy.  This is the World Series – it’s not supposed to be easy.  I’m looking forward to Saturday Night.


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