I was moved to write while watching St. Louis’ epic September 06 collapse, except they pulled out of that tailspin and won the World Series. Describing that swing of emotion was a lot of fun, and I’ve been monitoring the team (with a West Coast perspective) ever since.

DISCLAIMER: All content is based on my interpretation of events. It is in no way representative of the opinions of Mr. Stan Musial, greatest Cardinal of the 20th Century. I doubt he will ever find his way here. Which is too bad, his comments would be most welcome.

Send accolades, requests, and cease/desist letters to stanmusialsstance@yahoo.com.

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3 responses to “About

  1. Josh


    Have to say I enjoy the weather out in your state nearly as much as I do this site. Now if you can just send some sun back to MO!

  2. David

    While I can appreciate and enjoy your Blog I find it offensive that your blog title implies that you have some inside information regarding Mr. Musials thoughts. You may issue disclaimers but the fact is I find it deceptive,rude and disrespectful. Your observations and points are interesting and entertaining. It would be my hope that you would present them for what they are, Yours not Mr. Musials Stance. I’ve met Mr. Musial, and you sir are no Stan Musial.

    • David,

      Thanks for reading. I hope you continue to do so.

      This blog has existed for over six years, and you are the first person to object to the name. Perhaps an explanation on how I arrived at the name is in order. I chose to name my Cardinal Blog “Stan Musial’s Stance” in homage to his batting stance, described by Ted Lyons as looking ‘like a kid peeking around the corner’. It was a unique way to set up at the plate, just as I hoped this blog would be unique. I was aware of the alternate meaning, that my words could be misinterpreted as being Mr. Musial’s position on things, from the beginning; which is why the disclaimer has been in place since Day One.

      Never have I posted a story in which I even implied I was speaking for Mr. Musial. I invite you to peruse the blog archive at your convenience. If you do find an instance where I did, let me know and I’ll correct that.

      If you do a search for ‘Stan Musial’ on Google you’ll find this blog is the eighth link listed, below Stan’s personal website, his Wikipedia entry, and several baseball-career related websites. I assume the Musial family is aware my blog exists. They have not (yet) expressed any objection to my blog title or to my content. I admit that’s tacit approval, not overt acceptance; however rest assured that if they did/do raise an objection to something I wrote I will take great pains to make sure I answer their questions and respect their wishes.

      Again, thanks for reading. I hope this addresses your concerns.


      (P.S. – Your attempt to rip off Lloyd Bentsen’s famous quote is inaccurate. Dan Quayle compared himself to the late President Kennedy, and Bentsen slammed him for it. I have never been conceited enough to compare myself to Stan Musial.)

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